Haptic Animation

The Dull Sword (なまくら刀)         

KOUCHI Junichi / 4min / 1917 / Streaming available from Mar 1-13, 2021

One of the earliest works of Japanese animation, The Dull Sword (brought back in its complete form through intricate digital restoration) highlights rhythmic stop animations and cinematic story structure and presentation. In an era of experimentation in animation as well as the pure film movement in Japanese cinema, the use of traditional Japanese subjects in the context of an allegorical comedy shows the provocative flare of animator Junichi Kouchi.

My Little Goat (マイリトルゴート)      

MISATO Tomoki / 10min / 2018 / Streaming available from Mar 1-7, 2021

My Little Goat reimagines The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats fairy tale with some thrilling twists. The well-crafted characters and sets bring not only the stop-motion animation but also the texture and atmosphere of the film to life.

The Golden Flower (こがねの花)          

OFUJI Noburo / 17min / 1929 / Streaming available from Mar 1-13, 2021

Ofuji Noburo, a genius from the early days of Japanese animation, created this chiyogami animation based on the rakugo story "Tanokyu”.

The Spirits of Cairn (ケアンの首達)           

SOEJIMA Shinobu / 7min / 2018 / Streaming available from Mar 1-13, 2021

This puppet animation depicts a mysterious afterlife and is based on research into Asian folklore and religious motifs. Although this is the artist's first animated work, it has already received invitations from several international animation film festivals.

House Rattler (鬼とやなり)          

SOEJIMA Shinobu / 6min / 2019 / Streaming available from Mar 1-13, 2021

House Rattler is a puppet animation about the mysterious phenomenon of "Ienari," in which a house starts ringing for no reason. An old man who is left behind by modern society meets a creature from folklore.

Japanese Cinema from Multiple Perspectives

International Online Symposium, 5-7 March 2021


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