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Aa Manmo Kaitakudan (嗚呼 満蒙開拓団)      

HANEDA Sumiko / 120min / 2008 / Streaming available from Mar 1-7, 2021

(Japanese Subtitles Only)

Born in imperial Japan’s colony of Manchuria, filmmaker Haneda Sumiko travels across national borders to question the foundations of her national identity as well as to explore the roots of her personal history through a collection of testimonies that reflect on the issues of Japanese war orphans left behind in China.

Hanamonogatari Babylon (花物語バビロン)          

AIZAWA Toranosuke (KUZOKU) / 46 min / 1997 / Streaming available from Mar 7-13, 2021

Babylon Flower Story ventures deep into Thailand to the Golden Triangle and the minority Hmong village. Part historical documentary and part travel film, the director juxtaposes texts with voices to cast a haunting look on the legacy of opium through his journey.

Above the Clouds (雲の上)          

TOMITA Katsuya (KUZOKU) / 115 min / 2003 / Streaming available from Mar 7-13, 2021

A gangster leader in a Japanese rural town tries to spiritually cleanse himself through exploring a local myth about an ancient dragon. The script creation and shooting took 5 years, during which the director, Kuzoku’s Katsuya, realized the burdening influence of external events and self-discovery to filmmaking.

Off Highway 20 (国道20号線)          

TOMITA Katsuya (KUZOKU) / 77 min / 2007 / Streaming available from Mar 7-13, 2021

Highway 20 begins at the Emperor's Palace in Tokyo and stretches west. Once it goes through the capital it proceeds through small towns where the scenery is typical of any seen from Japan's highways: shopping malls, discount outlets, pachinko parlors, ATM loan dispensing machines, karaoke clubs, golf practice ranges and love inns... The film unfolds in one such town, Kofu, revolving around the lives of its locals: a drama that could unfold in any Japanese rural town.

Japanese Cinema from Multiple Perspectives

International Online Symposium, 5-7 March 2021


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